With or against what’s Happening

To continue what I wrote in the previous post…

So as i was saying it’s the mid-year vacation and the demonstrations began in Egypt so you couldn’t go out unless u’re participating in it which means u’re gonna get ur ass kicked :S I really wanted to participate in the one that happened on the 25th(which I really support b4 it turned into this massacre) but of course my parents didn’t agree bcoz its not safe..I honestly didn’t expect to see that large amount of people demonstrating and that it would last till now which is like what 8 days and still counting! So, no vacation -_-

Dont get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’m selfish or not paying attention to all of the protests happening and the people dying but I just don’t like to pay attention to these kind of stuff bcoz it gets me mad and angry..And I dun want to keep arguing about stuff that I don’t fully understand and I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong but that doesn’t come from lack of knowledge in the politics area only  it’s bcoz I got lost and I don’t know who to believe and I dunno the real intentions of each side..Like if the president is honest with his speech and if the corruption was because of him or  it was bcoz of the previous ministers or it’s another countries involved or or or…So, sometimes I’m like yes the president should go then no he should stay maybe its not totally his fault and he was counting on the ministers handling the country for the past 30 years and when he checked with them they simply lied to him and sometimes yes the army is really gd and the police force should go to hell then im wondering why is the army good and the police not…don’t both just get commands from higher people and they have to obey?! Then I got lost, confused and dun have an opinion about the situation because I can’t make up my mind about it because it’s full of mysteries and lies :S

Nobody knows the truth or what’s gonna happen to us except the ones who are really involved in the case such as the president (if nobody’s lying to him), the ministers, the spies, the countries who are enjoying watching egypt gets destroyed, those people…

So, I dun like talking about this and I try to avoid it I just sit and watch the reactions of my family and the opinions of each one of them and avoid saying my own bcoz it’s so chaotic, everyone saying his opinion and then getting a disagreement of course from another person then turns into shouting not just talking then after finishing the argument which by the way no one is convinced by the other persons opinion they just end up feeling angry and maybe even cursing the other person in his mind xD!!! So, i like to skip that part and just watch and hope that everything passes, unfortunately i cannot say safely coz already lots of people died and got hurt (rabena yer7amhom isA) and like one of my dear friends said, “Wow, never knew all Egyptians majored in Political Science 🙂

And I really hope other countries would really stop sticking their noses in our countries business, Ento mal ahloko!!!! :S (excuse me for my language, dun like saying it but it suits 🙂 )

Rabena m3ana isA w ye3ady el mawdo3 dah w ta7ya masr =)


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  1. Dee
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 14:17:10

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more!


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