Damn you Facebook!

Facebook is now a great part of our lives…Lemme just talk about myself and it IS a great GREAT part of mine, I just can’t stop the addiction (reason no.1)!!
As much as im addicted to it I really wish i could deactivate my account and stop using fb, but then i remember that i get a lot of important events on it and also the groups related to my college when there’s a reminder about a project or sth so its not that easy :/

We even had a group made by one of our tutors on fb and he graded part of our project through FB!! This part of the project was about makin’ a profile for the aliens we did and their story then we add their profiles to the group. Before you judge!! 😀 The rest of the project which had most of the grade of course was to make a spaceship for these aliens, a real one of course that would fly 3 meters or more and that was the tricky part xD Because u had to make a spaceship that had a different idea and shape from the other ones not any spaceship and only out of paper. It was interesting i gotta admit both the aliens thingy and the spaceship.And I really enjoyed it 🙂
Actually I did deactivate my account twice before but of course that didnt work :/ And when I told my self okay I’m gonna keep my profile and everything and just check for the events and the groups related to my college, it doesn’t work -_-

At the end of each day i find out that i spent more than half of the day sitting on fb, doin what? refreshing the page, playin some games, and checkin my friends’ profiles -_-

When its time to study, the lectures are on my laptop so i eventually find myself on fb…To solve that problem I locked the mouse (by saying locked it doesnt mean i brought a lock i just pressed on the lock button) xD so when i use the mouse to open fb or firefox and it doesnt move I remember that I have to study. This way actually worked with me xD

I started to get bored from fb so I closed the window and the next second I find myself opening it again automatically!! I cant remember how i used to spend my time  b4 fb :/ And I really hate how it controls my life :S I was really happy when the net was diconnected and there was no fb which means i can’t quit by myself i need sth thats out of my will that would stop me from using fb xD Yes, im that weak lel asaf but only when it comes to fb!!!!! 😀

Another Reason for hating fb is that the connection between you and your friends became through fb ONLY!!! Or most of the time ya3ny like 98%  :@ What happened to the times when u got a message from ur friends asking about you through a phone call or a msg!! No, now its done through posting it on ur wall -_- doesnt give u the same feeling keda :S the calls and the text messages are way more personal than posting it on my wall :S

“New wall post”


“Someone: hey!! miss u soooo much, how are you?! and how’s everything”

Well, if u miss me “soooo” much then y dont u pick up ur phone and call me!!! or if dun have that much credit then text me -_- Ma3en the calls are cheaper than the texts nowadays 😀

Sa7i7, I dun like talkin on the phone that much and i try to avoid calling anyone (im such a bad frnd :/) but that doesnt mean that a call won’t make me happy ya3ny 😀 or a text

Like I really appreciated it when some of my friends called to wish me a happy birthday, im not saying that i didnt appreciate the ones who told me that on my “wall” xD but it seemed much more personal 🙂

Bas dun get me wrong i’m not saying that i hate every single person who posts on my wall instead of callin or textin me im just sayin that it would be better or I’m just expressing what how fb subsituted the calls (the bad side of it) 😀

So, here you go two reasons Fb should be damned and go to hell for xD (if it was person)

Song of the Post: Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit



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