Why have you been hiding?! :@

It has just happened to me so i had to write about it. I feel really stupid right now!! xD

So I started playing this game on Fb after one of my very long time friends told me about 😉 Thank u very much Salma!! Now i can’t stop playing it and my friends are starting to hate me because of all the requests i’ve been sending them xD Sorry guys 😀

I have been playing it for like 5 days i guess. I’m using the Firefox browser, it has awesome themes,don’t be silly  that’s not the only reason for using it ( it actually is xD ).

The problem is that, part of the game doesnt appear when using firefox, some buttons don’t appear. So I asked some of my friends how to make it full screen, Salma told me that her sister presses ctrl and enter sth like that and I kept pressing it like 10 times but it didnt work. I remembered that I had Opera installed so I started playing Cityville on it.And the missing buttons appeared but the game was tooooo daaaaaaaamn slow!!! So I switched again to Firefox -_- but I had to use these buttons!!

So I installed Google chrome (and chose a theme of course :P) because I heard that it’s also a fast browser. Ma3en Firefox seemed faster. After playing on Google chrome for a couple of days I switched to Firefox for some reason that I can’t seem to remember now. A friend of mine was playing the game next to me and we kept asking each other to send gifts and to accept that and to send that xD And when I looked on his screen I asked him how did u zoom out in the game?! He told me its in the settings button (which is on the bottom right side). I clicked on it and guess what I found?

Full-Screen button!!!    *Haaaallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah*

I was like no i cant be that stupid xD Keep in mind that I clicked that button the first day I started playing that game to turn off the music which is right under the full screen button 😐

It’s like when you keep looking for sth you cant find in your room and you really need to find it right now!!!

1 week later. Oh! here it is in the drawer that I opened 4 times each day for the past week and I never saw it -_- Hate when that happens!

I feel like telling it “Where have you been you stupid dumb a** idiot!!!! Lesa faker?!”  xD

Song of the post: Bitter Sweet symphony – The Verve


it’s a really good song (Y)


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