Hey there, Stranger!

There are people whom we don’t know but see a lot, whether it’s in your school playground, the building of your faculty, the street you take everyday on your way home or the place from where you buy soda and snacks from. I almost feel like I’m gonna go say hi because I feel like i almost know them from the number of times I see them and I’ve already built an idea about their personality. Some of them might look kind and friendly and others look arrogant and so self-centered that it pisses me off when i see them and I try to ignore them and others look -there’s no other polite way to describe them- hobl!! xD

I’m not saying that the impressions I have about each one is right, 95% of them might turn out wrong. But I guess it’s natural for us -or maybe it’s just me xD- to build an idea about someone’s personality before even meeting them, just from looking at them and seeing how they act, talk, dress,  and even walk! (fe ely yemshy bases fel sa2f xD wel yemshy shanteto 3ala dahro w mesta3gel w bases odamo bas)..

The thing is if there’s a person who seems to be nice from the personality you have built for them in your mind of course :D..Why can’t you just go and say hi?! I mean you see them and they see you almost every day :S Why isn’t this simple in our world?! It’s just a hi that won’t harm..

Well, Let’s Imagine this scenario

Place: School playground/University….Time: You have just arrived (8 am for example)

You’re sitting waiting for your friend, someone whom you don’t know but see a lot, comes up to you and says,”Hello, how do you do?”

What’s your reply, for real…Imagine yourself in this exact situation, what are you going to tell him/her?

You: a) Act totally normal because you know this person and say, “Hello, im fine 🙂 what about you?”

b) Look at him in a way that says who the hell are you :S and say, “Aiwa,umm..how  fe 7aga?!”

c) Look confused and say, “Do I know you?”

d) Or do u have another reply? 😀

The situation may actually be weird that a person you haven’t talked to would come and talk to you…Sometimes I imagine doing this like Nicolas Cage did in the movie Next when he tried to get to know a girl…He could see the close future as i remmeber

So, he imagined himself trying different ways to get to know her and the way that made her respond, he did (which has getting into a fight and getting himself beaten 😀 it’s a really gd movie

I only wish I could do this 😀


So why can’t we just do it? Why do we say but what if… We might not get a chance again for doing sth..Why is it that hard to say the

word “Hi!” 😀

what’s gonna happen if they didnt respond as we thought or wished? We just go and say hi to someone else xD


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