Friends For Sale!!

Don’t u sometimes feel like changing some of ur friends or getting a break from some of them?

I’m not sure everybody feels the same about changing friends but I think there are times when you would like to get a break from some…I already feel guilty for wanting to change them :/ It doesn’t have to be a permanent change but for a while at least a month or so?! Does that make me look bad for writing this? I can feel that it may cause troubles so maybe I wont show it to the ones Im talking about xD

But some of them started to piss me off, actually it’s been a while -_- There were times when I really liked spending time with them but I dunno whether its because time revealed stuff about them and their personality or is it because I got bored from them?! Nope, it’s definitely not the bored thing.

Why wouldn’t there be a Customize Your Buddy shop…You Go into the shop, ask for certain specifications and interests you want your “New Buddy” to have and then the sales person goes and come backs after five minutes with your BRAND NEW CUSTOMIZED BUDDY!!Or maybe for rent so you could return him/her when u get bored..You could also be one of the “Buddies” in the shop and wait to be bought or rent by someone for a change!! And maybe you’ll even have customized babies, workers, bosses or even parents xD

That’s Silly -_-

Bas msh be3eed in the future -which is like in 1000 years or so- there will be shops like that, not human of course not but robots…I wouldn’t like that either xD The Futurisitc movies with the technology and the robots creeps me out and makes me wanna say “I dun wanna live to see that!” And the robots ALWAYS turn out of control and start to destroy the world BUT WAIT here comes our hero who’s gonna stop this chaos xD

Oh well, Maybe it’s just me or maybe other people go through times when they feel like wanting to change their group of friends and with time I’m gonna get over this and one of my friend’s would start feeling the same way, even for me…I really hope not :/ I hate it when someone’s angry from me and if u ARE then tell me 😀 for real!!!

It’s really hard finding the perfect ones when u think at first I found a new “Friend-forever” and turn out not :/ I’m also not saying that I’m not satisfied with the friends I have now..NO!! Don’t say that! I truly love every single group of my friends with their own problems, outings and memories!! I can’t live without them 🙂

And I thank Allah for having TRUE friends who stick beside me in both ups and downs  🙂 and also the not-so-much friends xD

without them I wouldn’t have known who the true ones are (God, this sounds like a cheesy line from a cheesy movie xD)

This reminded me of a certain line from a song so here you go

Song of the Post:



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Doria
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 05:27:35

    ok! i really like this one, it’s true.. sometimes you feel you want a change i think like you said you discover more with time and people change with them but then again you wouldn’t want them any other way<3

    btw i love that song, im surprised you listen to that music:P


    • tausnowflakes
      Feb 14, 2011 @ 05:54:54

      hahaha of course i don’t!! a3mel eh f so7aby 😛 hahah

      I think no one in egypt doesnt know it 😀 it’s like “7agareen 3al shisha” and “segara bony” if u’re an egyptian then u gotta know it 😀


  2. Ladystou
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 17:22:08

    Funny post but true.


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