Don’t Judge Me!

I hate it when people judge others by how they dress or look. I notice it a lot…Im sitting waiting for one of my friends and just watching people while listening to some music, someone passes and you find others checking this person from head to toe then looking at each other and exchanging comments probably about that person. Yes, I do like watching what other people do when I’m sitting alone xD.

Another scenario, talkin wid my friends then a name of someone is brought up,

A:“She’s so mean!”

B:“Really?! What did she do?”

A: “Nothing. I just felt that, she looks mean!”

B: “Umm…okaaaay?!”

I do agree that sometimes I get a feeling that someone looks mean or too fluffy (for a boy)  xD but that doesn’t mean I should stick to that feeling!

If you haven’t had a real conversation with them then why do we tend to judge?!

BUT…having an impression about someone before talking with him/her is something AND judging, commenting and talking with other people and sharing ur thoughts and the image you built about them without even making a real contact with them is another thing.

I had an impression or a feeling about some people that lasted longer than it should have. It lasted for some time that I didnt even try talking with them and avoided making any contact with them. I thought they were like some people whom I dealt with before and didn’t like that much. I did it unconsciously though! And realized what i was doing when it was too late I guess.

I missed the chance of gaining more friends. And I think I made them hate me or build an opinion about me which might not be true like I did with them. I really regret doing that. And I think I’m gonna start talking to them more often and to actually get to know them.

Just a thing I wanted to get off my chest…

Song of the post: Sun of  a gun – Oh Land


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