Hey! How are you? good? good.

Yesterday(1/3/11), I realized something that I have been doing  for a while and lots of other people too.

I was in the bus, people getting on the bus, a friend of mine got on so I looked at him and said      “Hi, how r u? How is everything? /”إزيك؟عامل إيه؟ إيه الأخبار؟ ) I said it in the same order one question after the other without pausing and he said the exact same thing in the same way..You’re gonna say “So, wut’s weird about that?”

The weird thing is that we didn’t answer any of the questions we asked each other it’s like we are programmed to say these three questions without replying or waiting for a reply.

Don’t we ask each other these questions to know the answer? and know how the other person is doing? After he sat and I returned to looking at the window I kept thinking for five minutes or so “What the hell was that?!” It sounded really stupid/weird, smiling and just saying it without getting or giving an answer to the questions. And I realized that I’ve been doing so for a very long time. I rarely stop to hear the of the other person’s reply and the other person rarely stops to give me an answer to the questions i just asked…We would do that if we’re in a hurry but when we are not in a hurry why do we still do that?

And also why did I have to say إزيك؟ عامل إيه؟ إيه الأخبار؟ if I’m not getting an answer to any of these!! Why don’t we just choose one of these xD

Next time, I’m gonna stop to hear the reply of the other person..But wait, what if he didn’t? We got used to saying it and leave I would really look stupid then

تفتكروا ده أثر من الأثار الجانبية  لعصر  السرعة؟؟

Song of the post: Call me home – The Cat Empire


hello mate


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fidel Sam
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 21:43:17

    I was doing the same 😀


  2. Shazly
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 23:51:05

    Mesh 3asr el sor3a, I think it’s a side-effect of etiquette!

    The entire foundation of small talk is based on pretending you care about something you don’t. So when you ask “How are things?”, you’re not even thinking about the question, you’re just having some kind of a zombie conversation 😀

    That’s why I decided I won’t engage in small talk unless it’s absolutely necessary. Not the best decision I made, but it works 😀


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