Music makes me lose control!

At this exact moment ( 12/3/11 – 3.38 pm ) A guy is sitting in his car with the cassette playing really REALLY loud. What’s wrong with these people?! I opened the balcony intending to tell him to keep it down a bit YES!! I was going to do so because I’m extremely sick of this behavior! Lucky him, the moment I looked to see who that dumb ass is he turned it down. Almost every week -I would have said every day but since the revolution things have been quiet- some “cool” dude passes by with music playing really loud i feel thathis car is in the room next to me -.- I really would like to ask them WHY?!!

Is that the only way to get in the mood by letting people within 10 kilometers get annoyed by whatever you’re playing? Do they have problems in hearing? Is that a new cassette they just bought and they’re testing how loud it can get? Is it some way of advertising the music they’re playing and they’re getting paid for that? If so, please just write the name of the song playing on the back of your window so I can go and buy it : ) DUMB ASS!!! Or maybe, God forbid, they really do think it’s super cool to let people hear what you’re playing 0.0 Well, NEWS FLASH!! You’re lame : )

Whatever the answer is, these people need some urgent treatment -.- I really wanna know why they’re doing this it’s killing me!! I cant seem to find a logical explanation. Oh wait, there’s nothing logical about turning up the volume so high that even when the windows of your car are closed you could hear the music as if you’re sitting in it.

And if you are one of the dudes  or you know one of the dudes who does what’s mentioned above please do give me an answer/explanation : )

This reminded me of sth that isn’t that much related to the above but I have to say it

You know this scene where you’re waiting for the traffic lights to go green and then there’s a car next to you most probably with “super cool” stickers on it such as 007  or no girls allowed (which means he’s a really desperate dude that would die if a girl got in the car wid him xD), the windows are all black and the music of course is extremely loud and the bass is really high! He rolls down the window, he’s wearing sunglasses with tons of gel on his hair that if he was standing in a wind tunnel not a single hair would be out of place. The driver seat is pushed to the back and one hand on  the drive wheel. He takes a look right and another one left to make sure that everybody’s watching and when it goes green u hear the sound el faramel ely days 3aleha w ba3den el banzene and there goes the cool egyptian dude in his 128 : ) Im not saying that 128 sucks!! It’s better than not having any car but it’s just some people think its a Lamborghini xD

Which means you have to see this American boy parody 😀


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