Right. No, no it’s left. Is it?

Decisions are not easy to make. Im not one of the people who decide stuff on the spot! It takes me a while like A LOT to choose sth even it’s whether to but the red pen or the blue pen.Ma balak ba2a the important stuff : D I’m like Why WHY did u give me the chance to choose!!! Can’t you just do it for me and get over with all of the hesitation?! 

The thing is you wouldn’t know if the choice you made is the right and suitable one for you. How can you know? Well you can’t, you just have to walk in the path of your choice and find out for yourself whether it’s right path which leads to the beautiful forest with fruits on trees and birds singing bla bla bla or did u choose the path of the dark forest  full of creepy sounds and owls watching you without you knowing. Sometimes the path might look creepy but eventually leads to the treausre you’ve been looking for or whatever at least that what happens in the cartoons we  watched while growing up : D When a voice or a mysterious spirit shows up to the main character and tells him choose that one my dear xD Another way is if you have the remote control which Adam Sandler had in the movie Click. That would be really cool but of course humans abuse technology which is gonna lead to something bad at the end. That’s a reason of me being afraid of the future. Its gonna be destruction everywhere O_O

Moving on!!!

Don’t get fooled by how the path looks, the one on your left is lit, the sun is shining and birds are signing while the one on your right is dark and strange noises are coming from it. What gives each path this look is the talk of the people you keep listening to and think that their opinion is the right one. They might try to convince you to take choice X which is on your left but how would they know that path X leads to good stuff?? No one can see the end of the path not  you and not them. And why do we ask people in the first place about which choice to make? It’s you who is going to walk in this path for God knows how long, not them! So it’s YOU who should decide.

Well, maybe path Y (the one on you right) looks dark but what matters is where does it get you? You wont remember much of the trip when you reach your goal.

We might get fooled or get convinced by the talk of the people, so you take path X and halfway through it you realize you’r not happy, you’re not satisfied then what are you waiting for?! Turn back and try another path if there’s more than one, then go for  the one you feel most certain about, don’t let what people say affect you don’t let the surrounding environment affect your decision. Doesn’t matter how much time you spent walking through that path what matters is the destination you’re gonna reach.

Im not saying that I dun ask people for helping me with my desicions or let’s say hearing what they think about it despite knowing deep down in my mind the right one for me but I still have my doubts and it’s like I need the push to get me to choose the one I want.

Today, I realized that I made a choice that Im not totally comfortable with. Why did I choose it? Well, I thought that with time Im gonna get used to it but no, if you’re not satisfied with it then you wont be. If you’re not enjoying the ride what’s gonna make you enjoy your time when u get there? Im not saying I  chose the easy one, there’s no easy, what makes it easy is your satisfaction with your choice.


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