I know it..I have to know it!

“I Just Don’t Know, I Wish I Would Have Studied”

Hahahahah, this picture makes me laugh not only because it’s funny but because how much I could relate to it : D

And don’t u dare deny that you never thought that before!! It’s nearly impossible to count how many times this happened to you; You’re taking a quiz/exam this question comes and you go like “DAAAAAAAAMNNNN, I saw that yesterday and I WAS going to study it!! I swear : (” Well, can’t I rewind a bit like till yesterday where i was sitting and ignored that question, please?! *angel look*

And why didn’t u study that question? It’s either because when u were studying, this question came when you got tired for example after studying 20 pages or sth if not less! Or it’s simply because when u saw that question you were like naaah, i dun think the teacher would bring a question like that. Oh well, he did! xD

And also when you’re watching with your family Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and you know the question that’s asked maybe from physics, chemistry or history. And you go like “Hah, easy one..I took it in history” having that ego look on your face xD You may say the answer or you’ll just say that line above w naktafy b haza el kadr. But if the ego level goes higher in that momen you would say the answer even if u’re not sure u just remember seeing that word in ur text book so you say “It’s number 3, dumbass! Can u believe that guy? I should be there instead of him!”

Luck might be with you that moment and that answer would turn out right, if not you may go like “I was just kidding you guys, we didnt take that in class : ) haha…e7m!”

Also, there’s this moment when you’re completely bored and you take a look on the ingredient  of a shampoo, a Pepsi can or a chocolate and you’re like “Hey! I took that substance in chemistry” Genius me. For still remembering it B )


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