The Usual Taxi ride

When riding a taxi, is it normal for me to panic when he gets a phone call from Bo7a and she  (yes, bo7a turned out to be a she not a he) asks when os he coming so he answered saying twenty minutes and he’ll be there. So I start taking out my special weapon from my bag; a special edition L’Oreal hairspray! B) and I guess it’s an expired one too, so more points for the effectiveness! And I 

start looking around the taxi searching for evidence for struggling like something torn, footprints on the back of the seats or if I’m lucky then blood spots! And if the taxi is clean then maybe the driver cleaned it after kidnapping the person. Hmm, a well experienced kidnapper/murderer! After that he gets another call from Lolla telling her not to worry and that he’s almost there! Although Lolla doesn’t seem much like a name for a murderer compared to Bo7a (which reflects a very strong lady who’s most probably a butcher), but maybe she just ran out of nicknames. And if the doors are locked, I worry more and start planning how I’m gonna defend myself using the hairspray and then break the windows with my legs because the doors are locked of course. My friend tells me something that cuts the thread of my thoughts then I notice the the old dude has been driving on the speed of 20, not much of a murderer you say? Well, that’s why he’s gonna need the help of Lolla and Bo7a, DUH! 10 minutes later I reach my destination safely laughing at the silly thoughts I had during the ride xD but doesn’t stop me from thinking the same way in my next ride when another lady takes the taxi with us or when he takes another street rather than the one I know.


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  1. blackwatertown
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 16:11:36

    Hmmm – odd taxi ride – usual? You’ve made it unusual.
    Perhaps you’d like to read about my taxi ride one night? It’s here
    Wonder what you think of it?


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