I’m waiting for the real plan.

Things not going as you planned doesn’t mean that things went wrong, it just means that they are going in a way that’s planned FOR you not BY you. You may be pissed that what you had in mind didnt work at this time nor place but it’s because there are other events planned for you which are going to lead to certain changes in your life, these changes/details might be minor and seem trivial or you might not even notice them. But they do affect you and their effect may take place tomorrow or after a month and I do believe that “Everything happens for a reason”. The turn in events isn’t only meant to change your own life but you might be playing a role as well in another person’s life and the stuff that happens in yours makes you take a certain path that crosses with another persons path. Im not saying it’s easy to accept these changes and things didnt go as planned because sometimes it might be really hard and you start to be pissed and then start thinking why does this happen to me?! It’s not why it didnt happen to you, it hasn’t happened YET! You just took a wrong turn thinking this it was the right way and you were supposed to wait for the turn that’s after that but that wrong turn you just took has its effects on you and adds to your life experience. Some might give up at this wrong turn and just go home and like that your letting it affect you negatively so DON’T!

Experiences aren’t meant for you to give up but to learn something new in your life and maybe the experience you just went through is for you to learn a certain lesson that you’re gonna need later on in larger scale or something.
And also when things dont go as planned dont get pissed easily and ruin the rest of you day, maybe you could just have 10 minutes to be pissed and then let it go because no body likes spending the rest of his day furious w mashy yeshtem f 5al2 allah!! It’s not supposed to go like that. Just say El7amd lel allah and go on. You should know that what’s planned for you IS better than what u thought you got planned for yourself. But we humans tend to forget easily so keep reminding yourself that you’ll have to wait for the real plan to happen! : )
غداً يومٌ أفضل على رأي مشروع ليلى


But you don’t have to wait for tomorrow to get better start from now.


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  1. thirtysth
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 10:59:55

    This is ex-LadyStou, I’m wondering what happened. I definitely agree with you. Things always happen for a reason and obstacles in life are there for us to learn. But as you wrote above, we are human and keep forgeting that not everything can go as planned, sometimes it’s better to leave things on their own and move ahead. By the way, I created a new blog (about my upcoming wedding), I hope to see you there.


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