Life is simple!

So today I learnt that if you chase something it really won’t come to you! Most of the time at least. And I’m not saying to let go of your dreams and let them come to you, of course not! You gotta work for what you want to earn! But sometimes if you OVER plan stuff, they may not happen, you can’t predict what would be the reactions of the people around you and if things would go as you plan in your head to achieve this certain goal…unless you can predict the future then that’s another thing! : D
Life sure is difficult to handle at times but we tend to over think stuff which eventually leads to complicating them more than they really are.
So if you’re feeling mad for some reason, stop and ask yourself is it really worth it?? Do I really want to ruin the rest of my day for this reason that I wont be remembering after a year or so? Why waste a day from your life feeling angry…And as cheesy as this might sound but just take a deep breath and smile, it really does work! : ) 

It’s like when you lose something so you keep looking and looking for it but you only find it when you don’t need it!  

So yea, things do happen when you’re least expecting  them and they just might be better than what you were expecting in the first place! And don’t wait for second chances because it’s either there won’t be a second chance or its gonna take time, so just grab and hold you first one!!


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  1. bahey
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 01:02:16

    I’m inspired.


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