You see the big red button?

“Today It Starts All Over Again We Just Have To Press This Button”

How easy would that be? Every one has his own button and if wants to redo the day he just does. La2 better if it’s you’re the only one who has this button. Get your plans ready for world domination hahaha 😀

One day u messed up, it may have been a mistake in an exam, something u remembered late, a bad argument with a friend, bad choice in food even 😀 No problem, sir! All you have to do is press the big red button and your day starts again. You study the questions that were in the exam, u grab that something you forgot before going out, avoid the argument with your friend, choose another thing to eat,and maybe correct a misunderstanding that happened with a friend.

What about the consequences? Don’t tell me you thought its gonna be that easy 🙂 not in this life. I think life would be boring like that. Don’t you think? Because aren’t we supposed to learn from the mistakes and the experiences we come across and these things make you the person you are today whether you are a good or a bad person or is that all rubbish and life would be better if it was all happy moments? Can someone really get bored from being happy all the time? I wonder if it’s possible and I don’t think that there’s a person I could ask about this. Maybe if I really had this button I won’t use it all the time just for the things that would really differ and seem important to me or would it be too hard to resist?

I think it’s somehow similar to  having the ability to read people’s thoughts all the time. Yes it might be interesting and yes there are things you would really want to know like if that person is lying, does he/she have a certain feeling towards you whether its admiration or hatred and if it’s just a compliment or is he being really honest. Yes, I confess that there are certain things I want to know from certain people right now that would be hard to ask about but if I knew everything that goes through every single person’s mind then it would be boring. Where did all the mystery go and the wondering? And what if that person thought about something of you that you may not like then thanks but no thanks!

But when it comes to having the powers of invisibility or flying now that I won’t refuse 🙂 I don’t think I would ever get bored from these two!! Being invisible and walking in the streets or even sneaking in people’s houses (6) hehe just imagine that!

What would you prefer?


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