My illusion, your illusion and their illusion

We are living in a world inside the real world which others created for us to live in. We think we are living in the world created by God. But that’s the illusion. That real world is long gone, we are not familiar with it anymore. They want us to think that all if these events are happening naturally. We are getting distracted by accidents happening. Accidents fabricated from a long time waiting for the right moment to happen.
Accidents arent natural at all but are actually created by people with a different level of imagination. Not the one that we call crazy. Not the one that we call random. And definitely not the one we call weird. A whole different level of imagination we aren’t familiar of. An imagination that gets you thinking that everything is real. We are illusioned and distracted by life problems and different events happening each and every year.
There comes a moment when you realise, does it deserve all of this? What im doing, would it actually matter at the end? All of this might be in vain. Significant small events that would matter to the person but what would it change in a world that is controlled by others. Does it deserve all of this thinking? Is all of this complication worth it? Everything should be far more simple. How nice would that be for a change? What is being hidden behind these events? What is the true goal behind all of these events created by some sick minds.

Who are these people? How the hell would I know.

But one factor that I know of, the one that is feeding these people and the sick imagination is Greed. Do these people realise that they are going to die at the end? And all of this would be gone? I’m sure that this thought crossed their minds. Then why all of this preparation? Is it for generations to come.
I think I’m done guessing for now. Because once again all of this won’t matter to anyone, im just letting some thoughts out of the cage that has been created by the fear of non-sense, what others think and several other factors that get built with every obstacle we face.

The thing is you’re living in another third that you’ve created for your own. Everyone has his own world of course. A world that occasionally  collides with the illusion of the real world that is hiding the REAL world. Yea, it would be much easier if everything was simple.

And since it’s the first day of 2012, I feel obliged to say Happy new year but I wont. Now how did I spend the last hour of 2011? I was sleeping.

Am I turning to a dull pessimistic person? I think not but every one has his moments.


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  1. Ahmad Mahmoud Al Bahey
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 03:31:03

    This has even reached a whole new level – a level where they don’t even bother to create events to distract us- instead, we do create them ourselves, in the forms of fears and/or goals, those fears and goals are originally defined by the concepts they want us to believe in, for ex. the fear of not becoming successful, how can you even define successful?? is it by how much money you have?? or what college are you into?? which are both goals in the race they forced us to join!!

    It’s more like that movie “The Matrix”, where machines have created a fake world for humans to live in, to supply the machines with energy & the more you get soaked in this world the more energy they harvest from you – as if we are a herd of brainless cows – .. some lucky few have got freed of this world and got to know the truth, -but they will not leave you alone- even those lucky few were dragged in a war of survival.

    We have people like those in our world, which i’d like to call “the awakened” i see them the most in artists and entrepreneurs both refuse to live by the rules, but instead they try to create a world where their imaginary world as you say becomes real. and they have to fight for it’s survival against the very concepts they’ve created to distract us “money, education, fame,…etc” –

    But the question is, How do we become “awakened”??
    I don’t think it’s in our hands to choose whether to wake up or not, i believe “the awakened” are born so.. just like that, a gift given to some lucky few, a gift that has to be appreciated and embraced. a gift that is worth fighting for.


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