Toothbrush shopping

Today I went to the pharmacy to buy a toothbrush, asked the guy where are the toothbrushes are, he pointed to the left. I stood in front of the stand for 30 seconds to take a quick look on all of them then started choosing the shapes I liked best! When I finished the shape-choosing phase then came the color-choosing phase! And oh boy how hard that phase is for me!

I picked a lime-green one then looked at the other available color. I found a BLUE one 🙂

I looked at the green for a while then the blue, then the green then the blue. Held the blue in my right hand and the green in my left and I hid the green to look at the blue for a while, after that I looked at the green and hid the blue. I looked at the guy and found him staring at me but whatever I continued looking at the two colors and deciding which one to buy!!
He came to me and asked which brushtype are you holding, is it soft? I told him yes it’s soft.

Then he told me,” Oh, you want me to bring you another soft one then?”

I answered,” No! They’re both soft”

Then he asked again,” Then what are you doing?!”

I answered smiling,”I’m just choosing a color.”
You think he called me crazy?! ده أقل واجب تقريبا 

Colors and me, a never-ending problem!

So I have to ask, is it just me??


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