I’m sorry old lady.

I got out from the bus and started walking towards home, the parked cars and buildings on my left and the moving nile and cars on my right. I was staring into space as usual not paying much attention to the people passing by  when suddenly I heard, “Ya 7abebty! Ya 7abebty!”
I stopped with a bit of hesitation and took a couple of steps backward to see who was calling. It was an old lady in a parked car sitting in the passenger seat. 

“Could you please roll up the window for me?”

It was the window at the driver’s side she was talking about. I looked at the window then looked around me. She noticed my hesitation and started speaking again.

“I’m really sorry but my back hurts and I can’t bend over to close it.”

I was still panicking, I stretched my hand and started rolling up the window.
She spoke again and she was laughing this time.

“You’re gonna get you arm stuck like this, you should open the door and close the window.”

I then noticed that she was right, I wasn’t paying attention on how should I close the window, who needs to pay attention on how he closes a window? It’s an action that we do without thinking but this time my mind was elsewhere I was observing the people passing by I was cautious that no one would push me into the car and kidnap me! That the old lady wouldn’t kidnap me! That doesn’t even  sound right. How could this sweet lady be a part of anything like that? She only wanted to close the window so she could turn the AC on. No one would blame her for that in this weather. 
I opened the door with a nervous smile and started rolling up the window
She thanked me, I closed the door and moved along.

I was scared of closing the window for an old lady.
What has society done to me, to us?  



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  1. keys1988
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 20:18:20

    i hate it when the people ask me for help in town…..you start to wonder if something bad is going to happen


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