Maybe not? 

You’re an asshole. 

This is your current status to me, it’s been decided. 

But then, I remember this thing you told me to do, it was a good thing, you were pushing me to do good. 

An asshole doesn’t do that. 

And at times, you tried to fight my stubborn mind and advise me like a caring person who’s looking out for me. I liked that. 

And an asshole doesn’t do that. 

You reminded me to do that thing that would make my mom happy. 

An asshole wouldn’t do that either. 

Sometimes I ask myself if you’re that kind of person who people would warn you from but under that outter shell you’re all those good things you made me do. And that you’re just misunderstood? 

But no, this seems much like a scenario that would exist in a movie.  And I can’t possibly be that good at analyzing people. 

If I’m seeing you as an asshole now and you’re doing nothing NOW to prove me wrong, then, unfortunately you must be an asshole… (Even though I don’t want you to be). 


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