Why a blog?

Okay so I never thought I would have or create a blog bcoz im not really good at writing (as in poems and stuff) and expressing what

i feel, it’s just not my thing. I don’t even know what am I goin’ to include in this blog and what im going to write about. It

’s just a random blog full of random thoughts of mine I guess. 😀

Why did I do it? Well, not sure if there’s a certain reason or a specific one but i made it bcoz I just told myself “Why not?!”. I’m a person who wonders a lot and I have lots of thought on my mind..That’s what im usually doing if u find me sitting in silence which is most of the time 😀 <—–(expect to find lots of these, I’m an emoticons freak!!!  you might have figured that out if u chat wid me on the msn xD)

I like to sit, observe and wander in my thoughts…So maybe I would put these thoughts in a blog, yea why not?! =)

I encouraged some of my friends to make their own blogs, then I thought why not make one for me too! 😀

Yea so here I am having my blog and u reading it or u stopped  and lost interest…well, doesnt matter 😀 the important thi

ng that I did what i wanted and I’m happy about it.. 😉

Song of the month: (The Cat Empire – Feeling’s Gone)    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr45FKJOhEs

maybe I’ll share a song or picture in each post 😀


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