It’s still a mess…

One day I’m searching for workaway opportunities, the next I’m looking for a master’s programs abroad in Germany, but what about Portugal?
The following evening I come across some art residency programs and after a few minutes I start questioning myself, why I’m still at work?!

Waking up, I think to myself why haven’t I sent my one-month notice to leave work yet? On the way to work, I start practicing what I will be saying to my seniors, my thoughts interrupted by those honking. At work, I don’t even know how I should feel.

I talk to my friends and they tell me to take things slowly and not to rush. And I’m not entirely sure what my mom thinks of all of these mood swings with me every other day after work, coming to her with a new plan.

Does work have to be stressful? That’s part of it. But, having a stressful job that I’m growing tired of and getting more responsibilities while in fact I want to get back to being in a new country, discovering it, Travelling solo isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and such. But knowing that I still want more of that adventurous life, with no routine makes me want to pause that job 10 to 6 ( actually 7 and 8) job.

But should I travel? or check an art residency program? or do my master’s? or is there some other plan that I haven’t discovered yet that I should be doing? What is the RIGHT move?

I don’t even know what I should be looking for…


Toothbrush shopping

Today I went to the pharmacy to buy a toothbrush, asked the guy where are the toothbrushes are, he pointed to the left. I stood in front of the stand for 30 seconds to take a quick look on all of them then started choosing the shapes I liked best! When I finished the shape-choosing phase then came the color-choosing phase! And oh boy how hard that phase is for me!

I picked a lime-green one then looked at the other available color. I found a BLUE one 🙂

I looked at the green for a while then the blue, then the green then the blue. Held the blue in my right hand and the green in my left and I hid the green to look at the blue for a while, after that I looked at the green and hid the blue. I looked at the guy and found him staring at me but whatever I continued looking at the two colors and deciding which one to buy!!
He came to me and asked which brushtype are you holding, is it soft? I told him yes it’s soft.

Then he told me,” Oh, you want me to bring you another soft one then?”

I answered,” No! They’re both soft”

Then he asked again,” Then what are you doing?!”

I answered smiling,”I’m just choosing a color.”
You think he called me crazy?! ده أقل واجب تقريبا 

Colors and me, a never-ending problem!

So I have to ask, is it just me??

طب وبعدين؟

أول مرة أخدت القرار استعجلت فيه
 افتكرت إني هتبسط فـاستعجلت إني أتبسط
بس مش كل حاجة الواحد بيفتكرها بتطلع صح
ندمت إني استعجلت و اتضايقت
قلت خلاص مش مشكلة نعتبره درس نستفيد منه
فترة عدت وجه وقت قرار تاني يتاخد وافتكرت أول مرة بس قلت ده غير
وانبساطي خلاني برضه أستعجل
طب وبعدين…هنفضل على كده كتير ولا إيه؟

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