Post-travel (to be updated)

So, I was reading the description of this event about a trip to Siwa on New Year’s eve. And part of the description went like, “…don’t ask about what we’re going to do there, ask what we WON’T be doing there!!”

My face just went blank with that overly enthusiastic description. I thought to myself I could go and just skip whatever activities they will be doing, also, i felt like,”Maaaaan, how old am I to be thinking that way?!”

These days (especially since I’ve been back from my portugal trip) I really feel like i just want to sit in a secluded place by myself, with my thoughts and try and figure out what I feel like doing next.
I avoided using the word ‘should’ because what I SHOULD be doing is stay at my job and go up the ladder as my senior told me a few days ago that she’s expecting me to get a better ranking within just a couple of months. And another option for the ‘Should’ if I’m not liking that first one is accept that other job offer that seems more exciting because it’s more related to what I really want to do (or what I THINK I want to do).
But since I’m not feeling both of those ‘should’ options, I feel like I need some time to myself, and there’s this thing about secluded/new places where you are closer to nature and you might magically figure out what you next step in life should be. Though saying ‘Life’ is such a big word, let’s just say, my next step for this year.

I’m really confused about what I should be doing because I know what i feel like doing, but something doesn’t feel right about it, maybe because quitting your job, workawaying for 3 to 4 months, first in Egypt then heading over to Asia for the rest of the remaining time and hoping to come across someone or something that lands this perfect plan in front of me isn’t much of a plan. But that tiny, childishly optimistic part inside of me just keeps thinking that maybe when I’m out of my normal circle I might stumble across something that would turn into this moment when I’d say,”Why haven’t I thought of doing that before?!”

See you in a couple of months with an update (hopefully).


Toothbrush shopping

Today I went to the pharmacy to buy a toothbrush, asked the guy where are the toothbrushes are, he pointed to the left. I stood in front of the stand for 30 seconds to take a quick look on all of them then started choosing the shapes I liked best! When I finished the shape-choosing phase then came the color-choosing phase! And oh boy how hard that phase is for me!

I picked a lime-green one then looked at the other available color. I found a BLUE one 🙂

I looked at the green for a while then the blue, then the green then the blue. Held the blue in my right hand and the green in my left and I hid the green to look at the blue for a while, after that I looked at the green and hid the blue. I looked at the guy and found him staring at me but whatever I continued looking at the two colors and deciding which one to buy!!
He came to me and asked which brushtype are you holding, is it soft? I told him yes it’s soft.

Then he told me,” Oh, you want me to bring you another soft one then?”

I answered,” No! They’re both soft”

Then he asked again,” Then what are you doing?!”

I answered smiling,”I’m just choosing a color.”
You think he called me crazy?! ده أقل واجب تقريبا 

Colors and me, a never-ending problem!

So I have to ask, is it just me??

بلا وجع دماغ

لو لقيت أي صفة من الصفات اللي تحت يبقى تعرف إن الشخص ده هيندّل معاك قريب قوي فـاقطع معاه  من دلوقتي بدل ماتكره اليوم اللي عرفت فيه واحد زيه

:الصفات كالآتي

بيحاول يغلطك بـأي طريقة حتى لو اللي هيقولوا ده مش صح المهم إنه برنس وعمره مابيغلط –

وقت مايبقى مخنوق لازم ينكد عليك  ويشاركك احاسيسه مش إنتوا صحاب برده؟ –
وفجأة بقى عشان هو بقى مبسوط فـإنت مفروض تنسى  الطريقة اللي كان بيعملك بيها  وتتبسط برده معاه اصله فاكر الدنيا هتمشي على مزاجه-

إنت مينفعش تعمل حاجة تضايقه هو بس اللي يضايقك لو إنت ضايقته يبقى عيب عليك ومايصحش الطريقة ده مع صاحبك –

 بارع في تأليف القصص  ونصيحة مش لازم تقولوا إنك عارف اللي فيها عشان  ساعات الواحد بيكون زهقان  و عايز حاجة تسليه  و ديه تسلية بـبلاش كمان –

يضايقك  ويروح مقابلك  بـابتسامة –

 لما يتضايق منك  يتكلم عليك  مع الناس  ويخليهم يكرهوك  ولا كأنك كنت صاحبه –

 ممكن تكون مساعده في حاجات كتير وعامله جمايل كتير  بس يبيعك  في لحظة … ذاكرة سمكة –

 انتهز فرصة إنك كنت قافل موبايلك و يقول إنه كلمك أصله ميعرفش إن لما بتفتحه بيقولك مين اتكلم –

بيختفي اختفاء غريب مرة واحدة  وساعة ما يجيله المزاج يظهر مرة واحدة برضه –

You look like a C, Congrats!

And here’s one of the “funny” situations you might face during the college phase, not necessarily in the GUC or Applied arts or is it?!

At the beginning of the semester we had to choose two majors out of the three. I chose graphics and product but then after two weeks I felt that graphics just wasn’t for me so I switched to media. When I checked the schedule and grades section I found that the media wasn’t still in it so i went to the co-ordinator and she told me that she would fix the problem. Telling you the number of times I went to that office and the number of hours I kept looking for her won’t mater now. Eventually, media was added but the graphics was still there. I had to go again to inform her about the problem and of course I was told that it’s gonna get fixed, Well, it didn’t get fixed but I thought it wont be a big deal as my other friends had the same problem. And after all, it wasn’t like any grades will be magically added

Today, when I was checking my grades I found that I got a pretty C in graphics. Now based on what did I get this C, well I got 80 out 100 for the class work and seems like my graphics final wasn’t that good as I got 60 for it. Oh, did I mention that I don’t even take graphics?!

I think this tells a lot about the grading process : ) Of course I’m not saying that all the subjects are graded like that but who the hell did I get a C?! and based on what did I get it?
Was it like the teacher didn’t find my work while  grading and thought that:
a) He/she lost it.
b) The work wasn’t submitted.
c) The teacher is too lazy to look for the work.

So, let’s just give this student a C, it won’t hurt.

Well thank you, you can’t be more generous 🙂

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