A “Too long for Twitter” post

It’s like people stopped caring but care that others should care about them.

And right now, in this moment I’m all “I don’t care, I need to be selfish now and process my thoughts, I’m sure others would understand” but there’s this tiny bit in your brain that is squeezing itself in that train of thought , telling you that they won’t understand and they might not necessarily forgive you because all they would see is that you don’t care enough about them and so they should do the same a put you aside, they won’t understand that you’re trying to understand YOURSELF.
They won’t understand that you need to be selfish at that moment that happens to be when they need you to proof your existence in their world.

If you yourself can’t figure out what’s going on with you, then how would others get it?

You hope they would, but I’m thinking they won’t.

What sucks the most is that an explanation is expected, people expect an explanation when something doesn’t go the way it should have (in their mind at least).
When someone doesn’t show up, when someone doesn’t interact.
But then why should I explain myself?
I should maintain my right to not have to explain an inner conflict and not wanting to interact with humans, shouldn’t I?

You from your eyes expect to not owe an explanation, while they see that an explanation is their right.

It all comes down to this.
People won’t get you, you wont get others and others wont get others; none of us is a mind-reader and predictions are based on personal thoughts not thoughts based on understanding/knowing the thoughts of that other person.

P.S. This is not an issue I’m facing in a “romantic” relationship.


No to lists!

Facebook keeps asking me to add people to my close friends list. I don’t want to add people to a “Close Friends” list and Facebook stop suggesting people whom I don’t talk to anymore, it hurts a bit you know. I don’t want to add people to any list!
Okay it’s getting a bit dramatic here.
Let me talk about virtual lists in general, add to them the lists you create in your own mind, save yourself the trouble and dont add people to lists a neutral list would be fine I guess. Just have a neutral list a neutral plus and a black list, a black list is a MUST! Hmm, I think I also have a neutral star but it’s really REALLY hard for people to get into this one.

I have my regrets when I had more normal lists like best/close friends, siblings and such. I found that after sometime, people need to be removed to be added to a neutral list which is with the rest of the people or added to the black-list which is more awkward.

You can’t go like, “Hey, you’ve been sitting in my siblings list for quiet a while now but I need you to like go sit in the neutral list so I can add  another person here. It’s a matter of time and you’ll be back again, no worries : )” (add smiley face to break the tension)

In my case, I say no to lists!

بلا وجع دماغ

لو لقيت أي صفة من الصفات اللي تحت يبقى تعرف إن الشخص ده هيندّل معاك قريب قوي فـاقطع معاه  من دلوقتي بدل ماتكره اليوم اللي عرفت فيه واحد زيه

:الصفات كالآتي

بيحاول يغلطك بـأي طريقة حتى لو اللي هيقولوا ده مش صح المهم إنه برنس وعمره مابيغلط –

وقت مايبقى مخنوق لازم ينكد عليك  ويشاركك احاسيسه مش إنتوا صحاب برده؟ –
وفجأة بقى عشان هو بقى مبسوط فـإنت مفروض تنسى  الطريقة اللي كان بيعملك بيها  وتتبسط برده معاه اصله فاكر الدنيا هتمشي على مزاجه-

إنت مينفعش تعمل حاجة تضايقه هو بس اللي يضايقك لو إنت ضايقته يبقى عيب عليك ومايصحش الطريقة ده مع صاحبك –

 بارع في تأليف القصص  ونصيحة مش لازم تقولوا إنك عارف اللي فيها عشان  ساعات الواحد بيكون زهقان  و عايز حاجة تسليه  و ديه تسلية بـبلاش كمان –

يضايقك  ويروح مقابلك  بـابتسامة –

 لما يتضايق منك  يتكلم عليك  مع الناس  ويخليهم يكرهوك  ولا كأنك كنت صاحبه –

 ممكن تكون مساعده في حاجات كتير وعامله جمايل كتير  بس يبيعك  في لحظة … ذاكرة سمكة –

 انتهز فرصة إنك كنت قافل موبايلك و يقول إنه كلمك أصله ميعرفش إن لما بتفتحه بيقولك مين اتكلم –

بيختفي اختفاء غريب مرة واحدة  وساعة ما يجيله المزاج يظهر مرة واحدة برضه –

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