Post-travel (to be updated)

So, I was reading the description of this event about a trip to Siwa on New Year’s eve. And part of the description went like, “…don’t ask about what we’re going to do there, ask what we WON’T be doing there!!”

My face just went blank with that overly enthusiastic description. I thought to myself I could go and just skip whatever activities they will be doing, also, i felt like,”Maaaaan, how old am I to be thinking that way?!”

These days (especially since I’ve been back from my portugal trip) I really feel like i just want to sit in a secluded place by myself, with my thoughts and try and figure out what I feel like doing next.
I avoided using the word ‘should’ because what I SHOULD be doing is stay at my job and go up the ladder as my senior told me a few days ago that she’s expecting me to get a better ranking within just a couple of months. And another option for the ‘Should’ if I’m not liking that first one is accept that other job offer that seems more exciting because it’s more related to what I really want to do (or what I THINK I want to do).
But since I’m not feeling both of those ‘should’ options, I feel like I need some time to myself, and there’s this thing about secluded/new places where you are closer to nature and you might magically figure out what you next step in life should be. Though saying ‘Life’ is such a big word, let’s just say, my next step for this year.

I’m really confused about what I should be doing because I know what i feel like doing, but something doesn’t feel right about it, maybe because quitting your job, workawaying for 3 to 4 months, first in Egypt then heading over to Asia for the rest of the remaining time and hoping to come across someone or something that lands this perfect plan in front of me isn’t much of a plan. But that tiny, childishly optimistic part inside of me just keeps thinking that maybe when I’m out of my normal circle I might stumble across something that would turn into this moment when I’d say,”Why haven’t I thought of doing that before?!”

See you in a couple of months with an update (hopefully).


I’m sorry old lady.

I got out from the bus and started walking towards home, the parked cars and buildings on my left and the moving nile and cars on my right. I was staring into space as usual not paying much attention to the people passing by  when suddenly I heard, “Ya 7abebty! Ya 7abebty!”
I stopped with a bit of hesitation and took a couple of steps backward to see who was calling. It was an old lady in a parked car sitting in the passenger seat. 

“Could you please roll up the window for me?”

It was the window at the driver’s side she was talking about. I looked at the window then looked around me. She noticed my hesitation and started speaking again.

“I’m really sorry but my back hurts and I can’t bend over to close it.”

I was still panicking, I stretched my hand and started rolling up the window.
She spoke again and she was laughing this time.

“You’re gonna get you arm stuck like this, you should open the door and close the window.”

I then noticed that she was right, I wasn’t paying attention on how should I close the window, who needs to pay attention on how he closes a window? It’s an action that we do without thinking but this time my mind was elsewhere I was observing the people passing by I was cautious that no one would push me into the car and kidnap me! That the old lady wouldn’t kidnap me! That doesn’t even  sound right. How could this sweet lady be a part of anything like that? She only wanted to close the window so she could turn the AC on. No one would blame her for that in this weather. 
I opened the door with a nervous smile and started rolling up the window
She thanked me, I closed the door and moved along.

I was scared of closing the window for an old lady.
What has society done to me, to us?  



عجبًا لإهتمام يأتيك وأنت لم تطلُبه و إهتمام تطلُبه ولا يأتيك

عجبًا لِمَن سعى للاهتمام وإن ناله أخيرًا ملّ من كَثرَته

وعجبًا لِمَن سعى للإهتمام لكن لم يحصُل  عليه  وان جاءه متأخرًا رفَضه

عجبًا لأُناس يزورها السكون بدون سابق إنذار وأصبحوا كعابر السبيل الذي ترك أثاره على الرمال التي سرعان ماستختفي مع رياح الوقت

 وعجبًا لإهتمام كَرِهته ونَفَرت منه ولكن سُرعان مالاحقتك افضاله عليك فترجع رغمًا عنك وخطط الهروب لا تفارقك

عجبًا لمن كره الإهتمام وإذا فارقه نَدِم

وأكثر العجب لمن خلط الكلام بالإهتمام

بلا وجع دماغ

لو لقيت أي صفة من الصفات اللي تحت يبقى تعرف إن الشخص ده هيندّل معاك قريب قوي فـاقطع معاه  من دلوقتي بدل ماتكره اليوم اللي عرفت فيه واحد زيه

:الصفات كالآتي

بيحاول يغلطك بـأي طريقة حتى لو اللي هيقولوا ده مش صح المهم إنه برنس وعمره مابيغلط –

وقت مايبقى مخنوق لازم ينكد عليك  ويشاركك احاسيسه مش إنتوا صحاب برده؟ –
وفجأة بقى عشان هو بقى مبسوط فـإنت مفروض تنسى  الطريقة اللي كان بيعملك بيها  وتتبسط برده معاه اصله فاكر الدنيا هتمشي على مزاجه-

إنت مينفعش تعمل حاجة تضايقه هو بس اللي يضايقك لو إنت ضايقته يبقى عيب عليك ومايصحش الطريقة ده مع صاحبك –

 بارع في تأليف القصص  ونصيحة مش لازم تقولوا إنك عارف اللي فيها عشان  ساعات الواحد بيكون زهقان  و عايز حاجة تسليه  و ديه تسلية بـبلاش كمان –

يضايقك  ويروح مقابلك  بـابتسامة –

 لما يتضايق منك  يتكلم عليك  مع الناس  ويخليهم يكرهوك  ولا كأنك كنت صاحبه –

 ممكن تكون مساعده في حاجات كتير وعامله جمايل كتير  بس يبيعك  في لحظة … ذاكرة سمكة –

 انتهز فرصة إنك كنت قافل موبايلك و يقول إنه كلمك أصله ميعرفش إن لما بتفتحه بيقولك مين اتكلم –

بيختفي اختفاء غريب مرة واحدة  وساعة ما يجيله المزاج يظهر مرة واحدة برضه –

My illusion, your illusion and their illusion

We are living in a world inside the real world which others created for us to live in. We think we are living in the world created by God. But that’s the illusion. That real world is long gone, we are not familiar with it anymore. They want us to think that all if these events are happening naturally. We are getting distracted by accidents happening. Accidents fabricated from a long time waiting for the right moment to happen.
Accidents arent natural at all but are actually created by people with a different level of imagination. Not the one that we call crazy. Not the one that we call random. And definitely not the one we call weird. A whole different level of imagination we aren’t familiar of. An imagination that gets you thinking that everything is real. We are illusioned and distracted by life problems and different events happening each and every year.
There comes a moment when you realise, does it deserve all of this? What im doing, would it actually matter at the end? All of this might be in vain. Significant small events that would matter to the person but what would it change in a world that is controlled by others. Does it deserve all of this thinking? Is all of this complication worth it? Everything should be far more simple. How nice would that be for a change? What is being hidden behind these events? What is the true goal behind all of these events created by some sick minds.

Who are these people? How the hell would I know.

But one factor that I know of, the one that is feeding these people and the sick imagination is Greed. Do these people realise that they are going to die at the end? And all of this would be gone? I’m sure that this thought crossed their minds. Then why all of this preparation? Is it for generations to come.
I think I’m done guessing for now. Because once again all of this won’t matter to anyone, im just letting some thoughts out of the cage that has been created by the fear of non-sense, what others think and several other factors that get built with every obstacle we face.

The thing is you’re living in another third that you’ve created for your own. Everyone has his own world of course. A world that occasionally  collides with the illusion of the real world that is hiding the REAL world. Yea, it would be much easier if everything was simple.

And since it’s the first day of 2012, I feel obliged to say Happy new year but I wont. Now how did I spend the last hour of 2011? I was sleeping.

Am I turning to a dull pessimistic person? I think not but every one has his moments.

Life is simple!

So today I learnt that if you chase something it really won’t come to you! Most of the time at least. And I’m not saying to let go of your dreams and let them come to you, of course not! You gotta work for what you want to earn! But sometimes if you OVER plan stuff, they may not happen, you can’t predict what would be the reactions of the people around you and if things would go as you plan in your head to achieve this certain goal…unless you can predict the future then that’s another thing! : D
Life sure is difficult to handle at times but we tend to over think stuff which eventually leads to complicating them more than they really are.
So if you’re feeling mad for some reason, stop and ask yourself is it really worth it?? Do I really want to ruin the rest of my day for this reason that I wont be remembering after a year or so? Why waste a day from your life feeling angry…And as cheesy as this might sound but just take a deep breath and smile, it really does work! : ) 

It’s like when you lose something so you keep looking and looking for it but you only find it when you don’t need it!  

So yea, things do happen when you’re least expecting  them and they just might be better than what you were expecting in the first place! And don’t wait for second chances because it’s either there won’t be a second chance or its gonna take time, so just grab and hold you first one!!

Yes, it’s a fact!

Yesterday I stubled across this fact or whatever you may call it that there’s a phobia called Anatidaephobia; which is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you, and don’t even let me get started on that! I think the discussion on my Facebook status was enough unless you want me to ramble about it again here. So,this arose my curiosity about other bizarre and supposedly true facts I may find. smart bunny

Fact #1
“Adolf Hitler wanted to be an architect, but he failed the entrance exam at the architectural school in Vienna.”

Wow!! 😐 No wonder he’s so mad!  He’s dad should have told him that fate has other stuff planned for him and he shouldn’t be that mad. AND Someone should have told the people at the architectural school about the consequences of denying one single person like him! Imagine  if he would have been accepted. The Germans might have had an architect who designs buildings that emit hatred in someway I guess! And that’s if companies accepted his designs and if not I guess He’s gonna turn mad “again” and become the president, again.So, maybe the wars will be delayed for a bit.

Fact #2
“In Russia, when flowers are given for a romantic occasions, flowers are given in odds numbers as even number of flowers is given at funerals only.”
So if im in a funeral and some one gives me a large number of flowers Im gonna make sure to count them to see if that person made the mistake of adding/forgetting a single flower and made it an even number. Shame on him!! 

Fact #3

“In 1958, the Crayola crayon color “Prussian Blue” was changed to “Midnight Blue” by the request of teachers as kids could not relate to Prussian history.”

As trivial as it might sound, changing a name of color. At least, it’s good to know that teacher actually payed attention at some point to what problems kids might face its not about coming to school taking some lessons that you’re gonna probably forget 95% of them ever existed and the other 5% you’re gonna struggle to keep remembering them. But wait, since when do kids read the name written on a crayon? Are there even names written on each crayon?! This makes me wanna go buy a crayola box and check for myself! I remember when i used to be a kid I didn’t copy the crappy colors suggested for each picture I just pick my favorite color from the box and start coloring! And if it’s blue its called BLUE and if there are different shades they’re called light blue and dark blue not MIDNIGHT blue! And I certainly don’t imagine two 5 year-old kids coloring and one telling the other, “Pass me the midnight blue, pwease!”

Fact #4
“In 1982, a cactus in Phoenix, Arizona killed a man. David Grundman fired two shotgun blasts at a giant saguaro cactus that ended up falling on top of him.”

Now why would he shoot a cactus 😐 Maybe he got into a big fight with his wife then he decided to go for a walk to steam off. He wanted to shoot something and he found the cactus in front of him.Hmm..maybe. Or maybe he was stranded in this place for too long and he was really thirsty so he decided to drink the liquid found in the cactus and he shot it to make holes..Nah, that’s not an interesting story. But why didn’t he run?? Maybe he just wanted to commit suicide? But who would expect a giant cactus to fall on him from TWO gunshots?! She2 3ageeb!

Fact #5
“In Japan, by the time man reaches the age of 60, he is commemorated with a special ceremony. This ceremony features the man wearing a red kimono, which denotes that he no longer has the responsibilities of being a mature adult.”

Interesting, so maybe when I reach my forties or something and I’m sitting with my friends saying that there are many things I wish I had done when I was a little kid, she’s gonna tell me, “Relax! You still have a second chance when you are sixty! : ) “

Fact #6
“Chewing gums are illegal in Singapore.”

You may wanna read it again because unfortunately it’s true! Gums arent allowed because as I found on Wikipedia, ” Chewing gum was causing serious maintenance problems in high-rise public-housing flats, with vandals disposing of spent gum in mailboxes, inside keyholes and even on elevator buttons. Chewing gum left on floors, stairways and pavements in public areas increased the cost of cleaning and damaged cleaning equipment. Gum stuck on the seats of public buses was also considered a problem.”

I do agree that I hate finding gum sticking under a desk or on my shoe and I dont chew gum that much but COME ON PEOPLE!! Everyone needs to chew a gum every now and then! I especially like to chew gum before and during an exam as it’s said reduces the levels of stress. These people are missing all the times when a friend of yours is blowing a bubble and you burst it and it sticks on that person’s face! And the kids, think about your kids! They won’t experience how it feels when they finally blow their first bubble with a chewing gum!And most importantly they won’t ever enjoy the taste of لبان غندور بالمستكة!!!! People from Singapore, you are missing out A LOT!

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